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Most Free Food With Purchase!

Check Out This Video About Legacy's Serving Sizes

At Free Legacy Food, we are proud to offer Legacy freeze dried food storage. Legacy food storage offers the lowest food cost per calorie. We also offer freeze dried ready meals, larger serving sizes, and great taste! All Legacy food storage is GMO free, plus we offer gluten free entrees and sides. Legacy food storage is healthy and nutritious and made in the USA, plus free shipping on any domestic order. At Free Legacy Food, we put our customers first. By offering Legacy Food Storage, we are providing healthy, nutritious, freeze dried food for any emergency. In fact, our food tastes so good, you may not want to wait for an emergency to use it. Since you only add water, you can use Legacy food storage for a quick meal on a busy day. You can also use Legacy food storage for camping, backpacking, fishing, or anytime you need a quick portable meal. Legacy food storage emergency food is sealed in double thick mylar pouches and resealed in waterproof BPA free buckets. When you purchase from Free Legacy food, you’ll know your food storage is protected, no matter what, and ready for you to use anytime. With a 25+ year shelf life, and stackable, easy to store buckets, you can have complete peace of mind, without worrying about rotation and expiration dates!